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Mini Truffle Gift Box

  • $60.00
 MINI LUXURY GIFT SET: This luxurious gift box is the perfect way to indulge in the rich, earthy flavor of truffles. It's curated with a selection of premium truffle products that will delight any truffle lover. Enjoy a mix of four best-selling products:

1. Black truffle sauce 1.8 oz/50g (Black Truffle spread with mushrooms)
2. White truffle sauce 1.8 oz/50g (White Truffle spread with mushrooms)
3. Hummus with black truffles 1.8 oz/50g
4. Sea salt with black truffles 1.9 oz/ 55g
These versatile condiments can be used to add truffle flavor to any dish, from pasta and risotto to soups and sauces.